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Hello guys. I hope you're all doing well. 

[SIDE NOTE: This is a K-pop post about a heart breaking topic to many K-pop fans, so if you don't care about this subject and are going to be disrespectful, do NOT read it. I apologize if you aren't a fan of all these recent serious k-pop posts; I feel that the drama occurring in the k-pop world should be addressed for the other fans who are hurting.]

I don't know if all of you have heard by now, but EXO M's Luhan has officially filed a lawsuit against SM to have his contract nullified. To be honest, I'm so heart broken and I don't know much more of this I can take. It was already hard for me to lose Kris.

I'm praying for all the hurting EXO L's out there, especially Luhan biased fans.

I personally got into EXO after falling in love with Luhan. I fell deeper in love with EXO after making HunHan (Sehun + Luhan) my official #1 OTP. My love for EXO grew even more as I joined EXO Academy & got to witness EXO 12 perform live at KCON.
I made this edit soooo long ago when I first got into EXO
I feel like all EXO L's hearts dropped after having to witness Kris leave us earlier this year. We had been on edge about fearing who would leave next. I honestly thought the remaining 11 members would stay and be strong for us EXO L's and stick it out.

But after Luhan fell rather ill, all of us had the feeling that Luhan would be the next to go. That officially happened last night. 

To be honest, I actually am sincerely upset and have been crying last night and this morning. I'm really upset; I didn't know what it felt like to lose a bias. Luhan was my bias in EXO M; he was the reason why I got into EXO at all. I am so heart broken.
I miss Kris like hell, and have never looked at EXO the same since. But now that Luhan is leaving, I'm afraid it just won't feel right anymore listening to their songs & live performances without those two amazing, irreplaceable members. 

I saw Luhan's message to us EXO L's on instagram. It read "I just wanna all of you to know that I love you all." 

His Engrish was adorable & I admire his consideration of writing in English for his International fans who are currently freaking out. I totally lost it when I saw that message, and broke down in tears.

After seeing that message to me & the other EXO L's, I though Well, this is it. It's time to let him go.

I don't wanna let him go just yet. I wish I could still be able to witness EXO 12 perform all together just one last time. But I think with that message, Luhan is encouraging us to move on knowing that Luhan still loves us. 

Luhan realized that what he's doing might have seriously hurt some of his fans, so he left us that heart felt message. It was so considerate of him to do that for us, so I feel like the least we should do is honor his wish to leave & support him. 

Well, it was an honor to have fallen in love with Luhan. It was an honor to have gotten to have him as a part of my life. It was an honor to have been able to witness EXO 12 perform all together before Kris & Lulu decided they wanted to leave. 

It was an honor, Luhan. I feel so honored to have had you in my life, although it wasn't that long of a period of time. Take care and EXO L will love you always. 

Welp, I needa go cry myself to sleep LOL 

I'm so sorry for the emotional post, I just needed to let other EXO L's & Luhan stans know that they're not alone and that I'm there for them. EXO L's must stick together and share the love during times in pain.

I love you k-partiers so much & thanks for reading! I'll reveal more news for my upcoming giveaway in December soon. 

Until next time, 

xoxo Payton

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